Costa Cruises

The Costa cruise line’s Holiday vacation style is marked by their low priced Mediterranean Christmas cruises and New Year offers in Europe. Costa Crociere is an absolutely best choice for a very affordable to pleasantly cheap Holidays if you’re celebrating in Europe. The line offers big-ship cruise travel features the “Italian Style” best fun experiences. Costa is the perfect European “Carnival Fun Ship” choice – especially during the Holidays in December.

If you guys are looking for affordable to nicely inexpensive December Holiday cruise packages – Costa Cruises (Costa Crociere in Italian) should be one of your first line choices. For the merriest and happiest time of the year – simply merge your Xmas and NYE party fun plans with the Costa line’s special “Italian cruising style” ships. This would be the perfect combination for a most memorable, very much Italian Santa Claus vacation! The line’s choice of operational regions, and the regular round-trip departures make  Costa Cruises is a major contender in the “cheap Christmas cruise lines” category. The list of Costa cruise ship destination choices during the December holidays includes:

  • Asia (leaving from Dubai, Egypt to Red Sea, and from Singapore)
  • the Caribbean (leaving out of Miami, Florida, and from Guadeloupe)
  • Europe – Mediterranean (operated with round-trip departures from Italy and Spain, visiting Greece, Turkey, France)
  • Europe – Canary Islands (out of Tenerife)
  • South America – Brazil cruises from Santos (port to Sao Paulo) and from Argentina (out of Buenos Aires).

Costa Christmas Cruises 2017-2018 New Years EveCosta Cruises Christmas and New Years Eve deals, Costa Crociere Natale e Capodanno offerte

Our Costa Christmas New Year cruise prices are per person. These are indicative min fares (lowest Inside cabin category rates, based on double occupancy). Costa cruise ships are ordered alphabetically. All Costa Holiday offers listed here include only itinerary information – they are not Costa cruise deals for sale. December and January dates of arrival in ports of call are shown in brackets. These are the links to the Costa line’s international website (in English) and to CostaCrociere (in Italian).

Costa Deliziosa

The Deliziosa ship offers a Caribbean cruise from Florida, visiting Mexico and the Bahamas

  • 2017 (Dec 22) 8day from Fort Lauderdale to Key West (23), Nassau (24), Grand Turk (26), Freeport (28) – from $900.

Costa Diadema

The newest Costa ship Diadema offers are for Mediterranean cruises with departures from either Rome, Savona or Barcelona

  • 2017 (Dec 20) 8day Rome to La Spezia (21), Savona (22), Marseille (23), Barcelona (24), Cagliari (26), in Rome on Dec 27 – from $1250 pp.
  • 2017 (Dec 22) 8day Savona to Marseille (23), Barcelona (24), Cagliari (26), Rome (27), La Spezia (28), in Savona on Dec 29 – $1250.
  • 2017 (Dec 24) 8day Barcelona to Cagliari (26), Rome (27), La Spezia (28), Savona (29), Marseille (30), in Barcelona on Dec 31 – prices from $1250.
  • 2017 (Dec 27) 9day Rome to La Spezia (28), Savona (29), Marseille (30), Barcelona (Dec 31-Jan 01), Palma De Mallorca (Jan 02), in Rome on Jan 04 – from $1750 pp.

Costa Fascinosa

The new Fascinosa ship is a relatively cheap option for Mediterranean cruising holidays from Italy (departing from Savona on round-trip itineraries)

Costa Favolosa

The Favolosa’s South America Holiday cruises will be leaving from Guadeloupe to Eastern Caribbean (round-trip itinerary)

Costa Fortuna

The Fortuna ship cruises in Asia out of Dubai (round-trip)

Costa Luminosa

Luminosa offers are for Mediterranean cruises with departures from either Rome, Savona, Venice or Trieste

  • 2017 (Dec 23) 8day Venice to Trieste (24), Piraeus (26), Katakolon (27), Corfu (28), Dubrovnik (29), in Venice on Dec 30 – from $950.
  • 2017 (Dec 24) 8day Trieste to Piraeus (26), Katakolon (27), Corfu (28), Dubrovnik (29), Venice (30), in Trieste on Dec 31 – prices from $950 pp.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 8day Venice to Trieste (Dec 31), Piraeus (Jan 02), Katakolon (03), Corfu (04), Dubrovnik (05), in Venice on Jan 06 – from $1200.

Costa Magica

Magica is the new Costa Eastern Caribbean cruise ship departing from Guadeloupe (the port of Pointe A Pitre)

  • 2017 (Dec 22) 8day Pointe A Pitre to Scarborough (24), St Georges (Dec 25), Bridgetown (26), Castries (27), Fort de France (28), in Pointe A Pitre on Dec 29 – from $850 pp.
  • 2017 (Dec 29) 8day Pointe A Pitre to Santo Domingo (Dec 31), Catalina Island (Jan 01), Philipsburg (02), St Johns (03), Fort de France (04), in Pointe A Pitre on Jan 05 – from $1150.

Costa Mediterranea

Costa Mediterranea offers are for Mediterranean cruises with departures from either Savona, or Barcelona; in 2017 the ship sails in Asia from Dubai (round-trip)

  • 2017 (Dec 22) 8day Dubai to Muscat (Dec 24 & Dec 25), Khasab (26), Abu Dhabi (27), Dubai (28) – from $1050 pp.
  • 2017 (Dec 29) 8day Dubai to Muscat (Dec 31), Khasab (Jan 02), Abu Dhabi (03), in Dubai on Jan 04 – $1300.

Costa neoClassica

The Classica ship (now sailing under her new name “Costa neoClassica”) offers for the Holidays India & Maldives cruises from Mumbai and Male

Costa Pacifica

Costa Christmas cruise package dealsThe Pacifica ship cruises in South America for Christmas and New Year leaving from Buenos Aires and 2017 Caribbean cruises departing from Guadeloupe (the port of Pointe A Pitre)

  • 2017 (Dec 23) 8day Pointe A Pitre to Philipsburg (24), La Romana (Dec 25-Dec 26), Catalina Island (26), Basseterre (27), St Johns (28), Fort de France (29), in Pointe A Pitre on Dec 30 – $850.
  • 2017 (Dec 25) 8day La Romana to Catalina Island (26), Basseterre (27), St Johns (28), Fort de France (29), Pointe A Pitre (30), Philipsburg (Dec 31), in La Romana on Jan 01 – from $850 pp.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 8day Pointe A Pitre to Philipsburg (Dec 31), La Romana (Jan 01-Jan 02), Catalina Island (02), Basseterre (03), St Johns (04), Fort de France (05), in Pointe A Pitre on Jan 06 – $1150.

Costa neoRiviera

The neoRiviera ship cruises in Asia out of Dubai (round-trip); in 2017 the ship offers Seychelles, Maldives, Madagascar and Mauritius adventures, round-trip from Port Louis

Costa neoRomantica

Costa neoRiviera sails to Mauritius, Seychelles and Madagascar out of Port Louis (round-trip)

We wish you the merriest and happiest, “Italian Style Fun” Costa Christmas New Year cruise vacations!