MSC Cruises

See here all MSC Cruises Christmas 2017 and 2018 New Years Eve specials as itineraries, departure dates and prices. All Holiday cruise prices on MSC sailings listed here are per person. These are only suggestive fares showing the line’s cheapest category Inside cabins rates (in USD, based on double occupancy). MSC cruise ships are ordered alphabetically.

All MSC cruise offers here include only itinerary information and are not MSC deals for sale. December and January dates of arrival in all ports of call are shown in brackets. These are the links to the line’s official global website.

MSC Christmas Cruises

MSC Cruises Christmas and New Years Eve, MSC Crociere Natale e Capodanno offerte

MSC Christmas cruise deals as destinations feature some of the most rare but still in the best Holiday vacation travel category regions. In the long list of MSC Holiday packages you will not find only Australia. But – they offer the rare South Africa cruise ship deals on round-trips from Durban. MSC Mediterranean cruises are all round-trip departures from ports in Italy, Spain and France. There’s also this very special European destination operated by MSC – the Canary Islands, with local departures from Gran Canaria.

Another feature Christmas holiday cruising destination with the MSC Crociere line is Dubai in Asia. MSC South America cruise ships are plenty as number – most of them departing from Brazil, one is leaving out of Argentina. For the December Holidays, all their offers are on round-trips. MSC cruise prices in South America are not cheap, and one of the main reasons for that is that ships stop in expensive call ports on their holiday itineraries – including the Rio cruise port.

Cheap MSC Caribbean cruises for Christmas will be departing from Florida (Miami) and smaller Caribbean ports in Dominican Republic, Martinique, Guadeloupe.

MSC New Years Eve Cruises

MSC Cruises New Years Eve offers are not in the “cheap ship cruises” category either. Still, MSC offers are affordable as December Holidays deals. They also are a signature “Italian fun” choice for an end-of-the-year fun ship vacation. As seen above, absolutely all MSC cruise packages (no matter the ship you choose) feature some of the world’s most exotic destinations, very popular ports of call, and, of course, the MSC “big cruise ship fun” travel experience.

From the MSC cruise lines one can expect special itineraries, modern ship facilities and amenities, a truly great service by their amicable staff. The charmingly casual cruising style on MSC ships is also well know worldwide.

Rest assured that your MSC New Year cruise vacation will be worthy each dollar of its price! Be prepared to set sail on a MSC-themed “most Italia” sea vacation to enjoy the year’s merriest and happiest time. This is one perfect combination for your fun addicted family to meet the old-new Santa Claus and the brand new year at sea!

MSC Christmas and New Years Eve cruises 2017-2018

MSC Armonia

MSC Armonia Caribbean cruise offers are from Cuba (leaving out of Havana)

  • 2017 (Dec 19) 7day Havana to Montego Bay (23), George Town (Dec 24), Cozumel (Dec 25) – from N/A.
  • 2017 (Dec 26) 7day Havana to Belize City (29), Roatan (30), Costa Maya (Dec 31), Isla de la Juventud (Jan 01) – from N/A.

MSC Bellissima

MSC Bellissima will be launched in 2019. The ship is of the same class as MSC Meraviglia.

MSC Divina

The new Divina is the MSC Caribbean cruise ship to offer Christmas and New Year deals from Miami, Florida

  • 2017 (Dec 23) 11day Miami to Ocean Cay (24), Ocho Rios (26), Cartagena (28), Colon (29), Puerto Limon (30), Belize City (Jan 01), in Miami on Jan 03 – from $1300.

MSC Fantasia

MSC Fantasia will be departing from Barcelona and Genoa to the Mediterranean 2017

  • 2017 (Dec 19) 11day Barcelona to La Valletta (21), Corfu (22), Katakolon (Olympia, 23), Iraklion (24), Piraeus (Athens, Dec 25), Civitavecchia (Rome, 27), Genoa (28), Marseille (29 ) – from $1460.
  • 2017 (Dec 28) 12day Genoa to Marseille (29), Barcelona (30), Casablanca (Jan 01), Tenerife (03), Funchal (04), Malaga (06), Civitavecchia (Rome, 08) – prices from $1430.

MSC Magnifica

MSC Magnifica cruise deals are on Mediterranean itineraries with round-trip departures from Rome and Genoa

  • 2017 (Dec 17) 11day Genoa to Barcelona (18), Casablanca (20), Tenerife (22), Funchal (23), Malaga (Dec 25), Rome (27), in Genoa on Dec 28 – from $900 pp.
  • 2017 (Dec 28) 11day Genoa to Barcelona (29), Funchal (Dec 31-Jan 01), Tenerife (02), Tangier (04), Malaga (05), Rome (07), in Genoa on Jan 08 – $3120 pp.

MSC Meraviglia

The MSC newest and largest ship Meraviglia will offer Mediterranean round-trip cruises leaving out of Rome, Genoa, Barcelona, Marseille and Palermo Sicily.

  • 2017 (Dec 24) 7day Genoa to Civitavecchia (Rome, Dec 25), Palermo (26), Tunis (27), Barcelona (29), Marseille (30), in Genoa on Dec 31 – prices from $770.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 7day Marseille to Genoa (Dec 31), Civitavecchia (Rome, Jan 01), Palermo (02), Tunis (03), Barcelona (05) – from $1050.

MSC Musica

MSC Musica South America cruises for Christmas and New Year will be departing from Santos (Sao Paulo) and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (round-trips)

  • 2017 (Dec 22) 8day Rio De Janeiro to Ilhabela (23), Punta Del Este (Dec 25), Buenos Aires (26&27), in Rio De Janeiro on Dec 30 – from N/A.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 7day Rio De Janeiro to Cabo Frio (Dec 31), Rio De Janeiro (Dec 31-Jan 01), Salvador De Bahia (Jan 03), Ilheus (04), in Rio De Janeiro on Jan 06 – from N/A.

MSC Opera

MSC Opera cruises to Caribbean, Cuba and Antilles on her new itineraries, round-trip from Havana

  • 2017 (Dec 23) 7day Havana to Ocean Cay (26), Montego Bay (28), George Town (29), in Havana on Dec 30 – from N/A.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 7day Havana to Ocean Cay (Jan 02), Montego Bay (04), George Town (05), in Havana on Jan 06 – from N/A.

MSC Orchestra

MSC Orchestra South America cruises are in the Caribbean in 2017, round-trip from Pointe A Pitre, Guadeloupe & Fort de France, Martinique

  • 2017 (Dec 24) 7day Pointe A Pitre to Philipsburg (Dec 25), Tortola (26), La Romana (27), Basseterre (28), St Johns (29), Fort de France (30), in Pointe A Pitre on Dec 31 – prices from $890.
  • 2017 (Dec 31) 7day Pointe A Pitre to Castries (Jan 01), Bridgetown (02), Trinidad (03), St Georges (04), Roseau (05), Fort de France (06) – from $1050.

MSC Poesia

MSC Poesia sails on South America itineraries out of Buenos Aires

  • 2017 (Dec 19) 8day Buenos Aires to Punta Del Este (20), Ilhabela (22), Rio De Janeiro (23), Ilha Grande (24), in Buenos Aires on Dec 27 – from N/A.
  • 2017 (Dec 27) 9day Buenos Aires to Punta Del Este (28), Ilha Grande (Dec 31), Rio De Janeiro (Dec 31-Jan 01), Cabo Frio (01), Rio De Janeiro (02) – from N/A.

MSC Preziosa

MSC Preziosa cruises in South America (round-trip from Santos/Sao Paulo, Brazil)

  • 2017 (Dec 22) 7day Santos (Sao Paulo) to Buzios (23), Salvador De Bahia (Dec 25), Ilheus (26), Ilha Grande, Brazil (28) – from N/A.
  • 2017 (Dec 29) 8day Santos (Sao Paulo) to Ilhabela (30), Buzios (Dec 31), Rio De Janeiro (Dec 31-Jan 01), Salvador De Bahia (02), Cabo Frio (05) – from N/A.

MSC Seaside

MSC Seaside 2017 holiday program includes Caribbean and Antilles cruises, round-trip from Florida (Miami)

  • 2017 (Dec 23) 7day Miami to St Thomas (26), Nassau (28), Ocean Cay (29) – prices from $950.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 7day Miami to Ocho Rios (Jan 01), George Town (02), Cozumel (03), Ocean Cay (05) – from $1070.

MSC Seaview

Currently under construction in Fincantieri, Italy, MSC Seaview will be launched in 2018 as the second of 3 new-design, identical-class and largest MSC Cruises vessels by the “Seasise Project”. The MSC Seaview 2018 Xmas Holiday itineraries as dates and ports of call are not announced yet.

MSC Sinfonia

MSC Sinfonia South Africa cruise specials are on round-trip itineraries leaving Durban

MSC Splendida

In 2017 Splendida sails in Asia from UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi)

  • 2017 (Dec 24) 7day Abu Dhabi to Sir Bani Yas (Dec 25), Muscat (27), Khor Fakkan (28), Dubai (29), Abu Dhabi (Dec 31) – from $820.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 7day Dubai to Abu Dhabi (Dec 31), Sir Bani Yas (Jan 01), Mina Sulman (03), Doha (04) – prices from $1150.

Merry and Italian style happy MSC Christmas and New Year cruise vacations to you guys! Whatever destination you choose – South America, South Africa, Asia, Caribbean or the Europe’s Mediterranean – prices guarantee that MSC Crociere will pamper you like a real celebrity on your so special Holiday at sea! Enjoy it!