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Norwegian Cruise Line Christmas and New Year deals feature the innovative idea of the “Freestyle” Holiday vacation. As a brand, NCL Norwegian provides big ship travel exciting experiences for mostly young adults and couples, with tons of fun activities both on board and ashore. Generally, NCL cruises (Xmas-NYE including) are at inexpensive rates considering the “Norwegian ships” age and overall ratings.

Choose the NCL Norwegian cruise lines if you get hugely impressed by spacious, well decorated and unique as types and design staterooms and venues. The NCL Xmas-NYE cruise deals are also a great choice if you’re planning a Holiday vacation to excitingly special destinations, with some of the world’s most popular ports of call. You only have to find the itinerary that most suites you as destination, departure port and rates – and to book it right away! Start planning your always special NCL vacation with the ultimate goal to fully enjoy the last days and the merriest time of the year – like a Norwegian!

NCL Norwegian Christmas cruises and New Years Eve deals
NCL Christmas cruises and their New Years Eve deals as destinations offer visiting the Caribbean, Europe and Hawaii. NCL Caribbean Christmas Holiday cruise deals are on predominantly week-long itineraries leaving from Florida (Miami) and Louisiana (New Orleans). But the “best sellers” are the NCL Caribbean cruise deals from New York (visiting also Florida by stopping in Port Canaveral). All NCL Caribbean itineraries include the line’s private island Great Stirrup Cay, located in the Bahamas.

However, in the “most exotic” group are the deals on NCL cruises in Europe. These are the Holiday round-trips in the Mediterranean with departures from Italy, and the Canary Islands cruises from Spain. And who doesn’t know about the NCL Pride of America Hawaii cruise ship! The Norwegian Pride Of America is the only one big cruise ship operating Hawaiian Islands cruises all year round – including on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. So what could possibly be the reason not to combine the Xmas fun and New Year’s Eve party cruise with the NCL “Norwegian freestyle” ships! Choose NCL – for one very much Norwegian Santa Claus vacation – with fireworks at sea!

Our NCL Norwegian Christmas cruise and New Year prices are per person. NCL prices are indicative, and they show only what are the cheapest double occupancy rates on the lowest category NCL Inside cabins. NCL ships are ordered alphabetically, all sailings are with round-trip departures. In brackets are also shown all December and January dates of arrival in call ports.. And this is the link to the Norwegian Line’s official website.

NCL Norwegian Cruise Line Christmas 2015 New Year Cruises

Norwegian Breakaway

The brand new NCL Breakaway cruise ship is departing from New York to Caribbean

  • 2015 (Dec 20) 7day to Port Canaveral (22), Great Stirrup Cay (23), Nassau (24), in NYC on Dec 27 – prices from $1150.
  • 2015 (Dec 27) 7day to Port Canaveral (29), Great Stirrup Cay (30), Nassau (Dec 31), in NYC on Jan 3 – $1180.

Norwegian Dawn

The NCL Dawn cruise ship is leaving from New Orleans LA to Western Caribbean

  • 2015 (Dec 20) 7day New Orleans to Cozumel (22), Roatan (23), Harvest Cay (24), Costa Maya (Dec 25) – prices from $1000.
  • 2015 (Dec 27) 7day New Orleans to Cozumel (29), Roatan (30), Harvest Cay (Dec 31), Costa Maya (Jan 01) – from $1000.

Norwegian Epic

The biggest NCL cruise ship Norwegian Epic cruises in the Mediterranean leaving from Barcelona, Spain

  • 2015 (Dec 19) 9day Barcelona to Tangier (21), Las Palmas (23), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (24), Malaga (26) – prices from $1100; 15day plus Barcelona (28), Rome (30), Naples (Dec 31), Palma de Mallorca Jan 02) – from $1980.
  • 2015 (Dec 28) 6day Barcelona to Rome (30), Naples (Dec 31), Palma de Mallorca (Jan 02) – from $700.

Norwegian Escape

The newest Escape 2015 cruises are also from Miami to the sunny Caribbean

  • 2015 (Dec 19) 7day Miami to St. Thomas (22), Tortola (23), Nassau (Dec 25) – from $1280.
  • 2015 (Dec 26) 7day Miami-St. Thomas (29), Tortola (30), Nassau (Jan 01) – from $1580.

Norwegian Gem

The NCL Gem cruise ship is departing from NYC New York to Caribbean with Puerto Rico

  • 2015 (Dec 23) 10day NYC to San Juan (26), Tortola (27), St. Thomas (28), Philipsburg (29), back in New York on Jan 2 – from $1600.

Norwegian Getaway

One of the newest Norwegian cruise ships NCL Getaway Christmas New Year deals are from Miami to the Eastern Caribbean

  • 2015 (Dec 20) 7day to Great Stirrup Cay (21), Ocho Rios (23), Cayman (24), Cozumel (Dec 25) - from $1150.
  • 2015 (Dec 27) 7day Great Stirrup Cay (28), Ocho Rios (30), Cayman (Dec 31), Cozumel (Jan 01) – $1500.

Norwegian Jade

The NCL Jade Caribbean Christmas New Years offers are on departures from Houston Texas

  • 2015 (Dec 19) 7day Houston to Cozumel (21), Harvest Cay (22), Roatan (23), back in Houston on Dec 26 – prices from $1000.
  • 2015 (Dec 26) 7day Houston to Cozumel (28), Harvest Cay (29), Roatan (30), in Houston on Jan 02 – from $1030.

Norwegian Jewel

The NCL Jewel Caribbean Christmas cruise ship will be leaving out of New Orleans, from Houston Texas and LA California (2015)

  • 2015 (Dec 20) 7day from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas (22), Mazatlan (23), Puerto Vallarta (24), back in LA on Dec 27 – prices from $1000.
  • 2015 (Dec 27) 7day from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas (29), Mazatlan (30), Puerto Vallarta (Dec 31), in Los Angeles on Jan 3 – from $1050.

Norwegian Pearl

The NCL Pearl Miami cruise ship is another Norwegian Caribbean vacation option for Christmas and New Year

  • 2015 (Dec 21) 10day to Oranjestad (24), Cartagena (26), Colon (27), Gatun Lake (27), Puerto Limon (28), in Miami on Dec 31 – from $1310.
  • 2015 (Dec 31) 11day to Cartagena (Jan 03), Colon (04), Gatun Lake (04), Puerto Limon (05), Trujillo (06), Harvest Cay (08) and Costa Maya (09) – from $1400.

Norwegian Sky

The cheapest of all Norwegian Christmas offers (kinda) are the NCL Sky Bahamas cruise deals from Miami

  • 2015 (Dec 24) 4day to Great Stirrup Cay (Dec 25), Nassau (26), Bahamas (27) – from $650.
  • 2015 (Dec 31) 4day to Nassau (Jan 02), Great Stirrup Cay (03) – $650.

Norwegian Spirit

The NCL Spirit offers Caribbean Christmas vacations with round-trip departures from Port Canaveral Florida

  • 2015 (Dec 19) 14day Port Canaveral to Nassau (20), St. Thomas (22), Tortola (23), Port Canaveral (26), Costa Maya (28), Cayman (29), Ocho Rios (30), Great Stirrup Cay (Jan 01) – prices from $1980; 7day itinerary for $1030.
  • 2015 (Dec 26) 14day Port Canaveral to Costa Maya (27), Cayman (29), Ocho Rios (30), Great Stirrup Cay (Jan 01), Port Canaveral (02), Nassau (03), St. Thomas (05), Tortola (06) – from $1590; 7day itinerary for $1030.

Norwegian Star

The NCL Star Caribbean Christmas cruise will be leaving out of Florida – round-trip departures from Tampa

  • 2015 (Dec 20) 7day Tampa to Roatan (22), Harvest Cay (23), Costa Maya (24), Cozumel (Dec 25) – from $850.
  • 2015 (Dec 27) 7day Tampa to Roatan (29), Harvest Cay (30), Costa Maya (Dec 31), Cozumel (Jan 01) –  $900.

Norwegian Sun

The NCL Sun South America Christmas deals are on departures from Chile (Valparaiso port, Santiago)

  • 2015 (Dec 19) 14day Valparaiso to Puerto Montt (21), Puerto Chacabuco (22), Chilean Fjords (23), Patagonic Channels (23), Magellan Strait (24), Punta Arenas (Dec 25), Beagle Channel (26), Ushuaia (26), Cape Horn (27), Stanley (28), Puerto Madryn (30), Montevideo (Jan 01), Buenos Aires (02) – from $1940.

NCL Pride of America Hawaii

And the last Xmas offer is from the NCL America  – on the Norwegian Pride of America Hawaii cruise ship. Its Christmas and New Years Eve special feature the regular 7day Hawaii cruise departures from Honolulu, on a round-trip itinerary. Cruising exclusively the Hawaiian islands, the NCL Pride of America ship departs from Honolulu (Oahu) – and this is the whole year-round!

  • 2015 (Dec 19) 7day to Maui (21), Hilo (22), Kailua (23), Nawiliwili (Kauai, Dec 24-Dec 25), Honolulu (26) – $1910.
  • 2015 (Dec 26) 7day to Maui (27-28), Hilo (29), Kailua (30), Nawiliwili (Dec 31-Jan 01), Honolulu (02) – $2000.

To all the NCL freestyle cruising fans – a very merry Norwegian cruise Christmas and super happy New Years Eve party fun! We wish you guys best-fun voyages and cheapest prices on your not necessarily Norwegian (per se) but always freestyle big-ship “NCL cruising” vacations!

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