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Feature P&O Cruises Christmas and New Years Eve Holiday cruising destinations are Transatlantic from Southampton and Caribbean from UK and Barbados. Our P&O Cruises Xmas New Year prices are per person. These are only indicative fares in £ (British pounds) and Australian dollars (AUD) showing the line’s lowest Inside cabin category rates. Prices are based on double occupancy.

All P&O Cruises Xmas and NYE offers listed here include only itinerary information. They are not P&O deals for sale. P&O ships are ordered alphabetically. They all sail on round-trip itineraries. December and January dates of arrival in ports of call are shown in brackets. These are the links to the lines’ official websites for the UK and Australia brands.

P and O Cruises Christmas and New Years Eve

P&O Christmas Cruises from Southampton UK and Australia

The P&O cruise line is famous world-wide with its classic British ideas of fun. Themed vacation activities, modern amenities and most popular destinations and the impeccable level of service are next in the list of the both UK and Australia lines’ best features. Oh, yes, and the Afternoon Tea at sea!

P&O operates a mid-sized fleet (as total number of vessels) with both smaller and big ships. Remember that it’s always up to you to enjoy the jolly good merry time on Christmas or/and New Year’s Eve on board one of the P and O cruise ships. But one thing is most sure – booking a P&O Xmas sailing guarantees it’s gonna be one absolutely spiffingly exciting, so much British party vacation! You will embark on a very special sea travel Holiday adventure to some pretty expensive places at absolutely affordable rates.

P&O Christmas cruise deals: could be categorized in the following groups:

  • The P&O UK line offers most of its Christmas cruises from Southampton. They are additionally segmented as Christmas Mini cruises deals, round-trips from UK to Europe (mostly to Canary Islands and Mediterranean) and round-trip Transatlantic crossings from UK to Caribbean.
  • P&O Australia Christmas cruises offers are also on round-trip itineraries. P and O Australia ships will be departing from Sydney and Brisbane to New Zealand and the mesmerizing South Pacific Islands of Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu.
  • P and O Caribbean Christmas cruise packages – this time with a round-trip itinerary from Barbados (departing from Bridgetown) of the two most famous PO ships – Azura and Ventura. Don’t forget that fly cruise deals from UK to Caribbean are always an option if you decide to extend your P and O Holiday vacation further.

P&O Christmas Market Cruises

P&O Christmas Market cruises (also referred to as the “P O ferries Christmas Markets” ) are true specials. These are themed specials as variations of the cheap mini cruise deals. These specials could feature as activities both “freestyle” and guided excursions and tours to the best Belgian Christmas markets, often combined with trips to the Christmas markets in Amsterdam and Paris. P&O ferry cruise deals are very popular as December Holiday short-breaks from UK to Europe. Often, their packages include the ferry tickets, one-way flights back to UK, and even hotels, coach and river boat tours, etc.

This type of P&O Xmas cruise deals will be the subject of another survey, but here we’ll only mention one example. The P&O Ferries line offers a 3-day ferry cruise departing from Hull (Terminal 2, at 17PM). This UK Christmas Market cruise is to Bruges. The itinerary is often being themed on some popular British movie (like “Fawlty Towers”, for example). It offers the perfect “fun & shopping” (or may be I should call it “shopping fun”) excursion for around £130 per person.

P&O  New Years Eve Cruises

P&O Cruises New Years Eve UK and Australia
P and O Cruises New Year specials feature some of the best December Holiday travel deals. And among these features are both the operational destinations and their absolutely inexpensive prices. The P&O rates over Christmas and New Year’s Eve present the perfect opportunity to spend a “British quality” time on an exotic, typically UK as ambiance, and really affordable Holiday break. Passengers on board P&O ships tend to be jolly good fellas, very well attuned to and considerably interested in traveling at this particular time of the year with exactly this cruise line.

The P and O Xmas NYE mathematics goes something like this: tradition + big ships + Southampton + Australia + Caribbean + Mediterranean + Afternoon Tea = jolly good merry happy so very much UK vacation.

P and O Cruises Christmas 2017-2018 New Year cruises from Southampton

ms Arcadia

The Arcadia ship cruises from Southampton to ports in Northern Europe on round-trip Baltic Sea itineraries.

  • 2017 (Dec 16) 24day Southampton to La Coruna (18), St Johns (26), Philipsburg (27), Roseau (28), St Vincent (29), Bridgetown (30), Ponta Delgada (Jan 05), in Southampton on Jan 09 – prices from £2550.

ms Aurora

Aurora cruises to to the Caribbean Sea ports and offers a round-trip Transatlantic crossing from Southampton in 2017.

  • 2017 (Dec 19) 10day Southampton to Copenhagen (21), Oslo (23&24), Amsterdam (26&27), Zeebrugge (Bruges, 28), in Southampton on Dec 29 – from £1200.
  • 2017 (Dec 29) 5day Southampton to Hamburg (Dec 31), Zeebrugge (Bruges, Jan 02), in Southampton on Jan 03 – prices from £650.

ms Azura

The Azura Caribbean Christmas cruise will be departing from New Orleans.

  • 2017 (Dec 16) 14day Bridgetown to Fort de France (17), St Johns (18), Basseterre (19), Philipsburg (20), Grand Turk (22), Tortola (24), St Vincent (26), St Georges (27), Castries (28), in Bridgetown on Dec 29 – from £1650.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 14day Bridgetown to St Johns (Jan 01), Basseterre (02), Tortola (03), Amber Cove (05), Philipsburg (07), Fort de France (08), Castries (09), St Georges (10), St Vincent (11), in Bridgetown on Jan 12 – from £1730.

P&O Britannia

The “Inaugural” Christmas and New Year cruises of the newest P and O cruise ship Britannia will be in the Caribbean region. ms Britannia will be departing from Barbados, replacing there the P and O ship Ventura.

  • 2017 (Dec 23) 7day Bridgetown to Castries, visiting St Georges (24), Kralendijk (26), Oranjestad (27), St Vincent (29) – from £2550.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 7day Castries to Bridgetown, visiting Philipsburg (Jan 01), Basseterre (02), St Johns (03), Roseau (04) – from £1320.

ms Oceana

The Oceana ship cruises to Canary Islands departing from Southampton

  • 2017 (Dec 17) 12day Southampton to Funchal (21), Tenerife (22), Gran Canaria (23), Arrecife (24), Lisbon (26), in Southampton on Dec 29 – prices from £1200.
  • 2017 (Dec 29) 5day Southampton to Zeebrugge (Bruges, Dec 30), Amsterdam (Dec 31-Jan 01), in Southampton on Jan 03 – from £600.

ms Oriana

The Oriana ship will be sailing to the Canaries leaving from Southampton – traditionally, on round-trip itinerary.

  • 2017 (Dec 21) 16day Southampton to Funchal (26), Arrecife (27), Puerto del Rosario (28), Gran Canaria (29), La Gomera (30), Tenerife (Dec 31-Jan 01), Lisbon (03), in Southampton on Jan 06 – from £1700.

ms Ventura

The very last offer from P and O UK comes with the Ventura ship – a Mini Cruise from Southampton to Belgium and Holland, and to Canary Islands (both round-trips).

  • 2017 (Dec 21) 14day Southampton to Lisbon (24), Arrecife (27), Gran Canaria (28), Tenerife (29), St Cruz De La Palma (30), Funchal (Dec 31), in Southampton on Jan 04 – from £1550.

P&O Australia Christmas Cruises 2017-2018 New Years Eve offers

P&O Pacific Aria

The former ms Ryndam now Pacific Aria ship Xmas cruise will be leaving from Brisbane/Sydney (round-trip) to Papua New Guinea/New Caledonia

  • Xmas 2017 (Dec 18) 10day Sydney to Mare (21), Lifou (22), Vila (23), Mystery Island (24), Noumea (Dec 25), in Sydney on Dec 28 – prices from AUD 1750.
  • 2017 (Dec 28) 12day Sydney to Champagne Bay (Jan 01), Vila (03), Mystery Island (04), Lifou (05), Noumea (06) – from AUD 2000.

P&O Pacific Dawn

Pacific Dawn cruises will also be leaving from Brisbane to Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

  • Xmas 2017 (Dec 16) 12day Brisbane to Isle of Pines (19), Mystery Island (20), Suva (22), Port Denarau (23), Vila (Dec 25), in Brisbane on Dec 28 – prices from AUD 2000.
  • 2017 (Dec 28) 9day  Brisbane to Lifou (Dec 31), Vila (Jan 01), Mystery Island (02), Isle of Pines (03) – from AUD 1500.

P&O Pacific Eden

The former ms Statendam now Pacific Eden ship will be leaving from Sydney and Brisbane (2017) to Barrier Reef, New Caledonia and Vanuatu (round-trip departures).

  • Xmas 2017 (Dec 18) 9day Brisbane to Isle of Pines (21), Noumea (22), Lifou (23), Vila (24), in Brisbane on Dec 27 – from N/A.
  • 2017 (Dec 27) 9day Brisbane to Mare (30), Noumea (Dec 31), Lifou (02) – from AUD 1650.

P&O Pacific Explorer

The Princess Cruises ship Dawn Princess will join P&O Cruises Australia in May 2017 as Pacific Explorer. The vessel will offer New Caledonia cruises out of Sydney

  • Xmas 2017 (Dec 17) 10day Sydney to Isle of Pines (20), Lifou (21), Vila (22), Mystery Island (23), in Sydney on Dec 27 – prices from AUD 1750.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 9day Sydney to Noumea (Jan 02), Lifou (03), Isle of Pines (04), Mare (05), in Sydney on Jan 08 – from AUD 1650.

ms Pacific Jewel

The Pacific Jewel ship Xmas cruise will be leaving from Melbourne to New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

  • Xmas 2017 (Dec 16) 11day Melbourne to Eden (18), Newcastle (19), Moreton Island (21), Mooloolaba (22), Gladstone (23), in Melbourne on Dec 27 – prices from N/A.
  • 2017 (Dec 27) 12day Melbourne Norfolk Island (Dec 31), Vila (02), Mare (03), Noumea (04) – from N/A.

ms Pacific Pearl

The last one departing from Australia is the Pacific Pearl ship – Sydney to the South Pacific Islands Xmas and New Years deals.
P&O Xmas cruises deals and packages

Have a very merry P&O Xmas, and Britishly happy New Years Eve party cruises with the UK’s most fun, biggest and best ever passenger shipping line!