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Compare here all Princess Christmas cruises 2014 New Years Eve offers as ships, itineraries, departure dates and their prices per person. Choosing Princess Cruises Christmas deals over the rest in the category of “affordable luxury” cruise lines is easy. Princess cruise ships offer reasonable priced, stylish and exotic as destinations December Holiday vacation travel options. On Princess Xmas cruises you will meet more affluent fellow passengers. All of those will be choosing the Princess line for its alluring ambiance of sophistication, stylish traditions, superior service. The extensive wine selections and the gourmet cuisine are yet another reasons to book a Princess Holiday vacation.

Our Princess cruise Christmas and New Year prices here are only suggestive (last updated April 2014). Princess fares are in US dollars (based on double occupancy) showing the ships’ lowest rates per person on their cheapest Interior category cabins. Princess cruise ships are ordered alphabetically. All Princess Holiday offers listed below include only itinerary information. They are not deals for sale. In brackets are also shown the December and January arrivals dates in ports of call. This is the link to the line’s official website.

Princess Christmas Cruises

Princess Christmas cruisesSome Princess sailings belong to the category of “Christmas and New Year cruises”. Their departure dates and itinerary duration make both December 25 and 31 part of your end-of-the-year vacation. The cheapest Princess Christmas cruise deals are on round-trip Caribbean itineraries leaving from Florida (Fort Lauderdale /Port Everglades) and Houston Texas (replacing the Galveston port departures of 2013). Feature Princess December holiday destinations are Hawaii and Mexico Riviera (operated with round-trips from California). Another specialty of the Princess cruises in South America, Australia New Zealand, Tahiti, and of course – the traditional (almost classic) Panama Canal itinerary roundtrip from Florida.

Princess lines operate some of the world’s best sea travel destinations with regular departures and at very descent prices compared to other brands in their category.

Princess New Years Eve Cruises

Princess Cruises New Years Eve

Princess New Years Eve cruises feature again the line’s inexpensive luxury and cheap prices to popular vacation travel destinations. It’s absolutely sure that you will “escape completely” in the relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere on board any of the Princess ships. The award-winning gourmet cuisine, classy staterooms with luxurious amenities, elegantly decorated venues with lively entertainment, superior service by a very friendly staff and a huge pack of activities guarantee a memorable celebration at sea during the most marry and happy time of the year.

Princess Cruises Christmas 2014 New Years Eve

Caribbean Princess

The Caribbean Princess Christmas deals are from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 2013 she offered departures from Galveston TX.

  • 2014 (Dec 22) – 5day Fort Lauderdale to Cozumel (24) and Bahamas (Princess Cays, 26) – from $800.
  • 2014 (Dec 30) 4day Fort Lauderdale to Cozumel, Mexico (Jan1) – from $800.

Coral Princess

The Coral Princess Panama Canal Christmas will be also leaving from Florida

  • 2014 (Dec 23) 11day Ft Lauderdale to Aruba (Dec26), Colombia (28), Panama Canal and Colon (29), Costa Rica (30) and Princess Cays (Jan2) – from $2000.

Crown Princess

The Crown Princess Caribbean Christmas starts from Los Angeles to Mexico, She also offered Galveston departures in 2013.

  • 2014 (Dec 20) 7day LA to Mexican Riviera - Puerto Vallarta (23), Cabo San Lucas (24) and Ensenada (26) - from $1000.
  • 2014 (Dec 27) 7day Mexico from Los Angeles – to Puerto Vallarta (30), Cabo San Lucas (Dec 31) and Ensenada (jan2) – from $1100.

Dawn Princess

One of the Princess Cruises Australia ships, Dawn Princess Christmas offers are on departures from Melbourne to New Zealand (both roundtrips)

  • 2014 (Dec 16) 13day Melbourne to Auckland (20), Tauranga (21), Napier (22), Wellington (23), Akaroa (24), Dunedin (Dec 25), Fjordland  (26), in Melbourne on Dec29 – from $1800.
  • 2014 (Dec 29) 13day Melbourne to Auckland (Jan2), Tauranga (3), Napier (4), Wellington (5), Akaroa (6), Dunedin (7), Fjordland (8), in Melbourne Jan11 – from $2000.

Diamond Princess

Another Australia ship – Diamond Princess will be leaving from New Zealand to Australia, with one-way itinerary

  • 2014 (Dec 16) 13day Auckland to Sydney with Tauranga (30), Akaroa (Jan1), Dunedin (2), Fjordland (3), tasmania (Hobart, Jan6), Melbourne (Jan8), Sydney (jan10) - from $1850.
  • 2014 (Dec 29) 12day Auckland to Sydney with Tauranga (30), Akaroa (Jan1), Dunedin (2), Fjordland (3), tasmania (Hobart, Jan6), Melbourne (Jan8), Sydney (jan10) – from $1,850.

Emerald Princess

The Emerald Princess Caribbean Christmas will be leaving from Houston, Texas

  • 2014 (Dec 21) 7day from Houston TX to Roatan (24), Belize City (Dec 25) Cozumel, (26) - from $1000.
  • 2014 (Dec 28) 7day departing from Houston to Roatan (Dec 31), Belize (Jan1) and Mexico (Cozumel, Jan2) – from $1100.

Golden Princess

The Golden Princess Christmas offer is for a long, but very cheap one-way repositioning cruise from Los Angeles to South America

  • 2014 (leaving on Dec 3) 31day South America cruise from LA, visiting Mexico (Cabo San Lucas, Dec 5), Costa Rica (Puntarenas, 9), in Peru – Callao (to Lima, 13) and Pisco (15), Chilie – Coquimbo (to La Serena, 18), Valparaiso (to Santiago, 19), Puerto Montt (21) and Punta Arenas (24), Argentina (in Ushuaia on Dec 25), again Chile (Cape Horn, 26), Falkland Islands (Port Stanley, 27), Argentina (Buenos Aires, 30) and Uruguay in (Montevideo on Dec 31), with disembarkation in Brazil (Rio De Janeiro, Jan3) – prices from $3240.
  • 2014 (Dec 19) the 15day segment from Santiago to Rio – $2100.

Grand Princess

The Grand Princess Christmas cruise is to Hawaii from California (Los Angeles)

  • 2014 (Dec 19) 15day departing from Los Angeles to Hilo (24), Lahaina (Dec 25), Honolulu (26), Nawiliwili (27) and Ensenada (Jan2), in LA on Jan3- from $2000.

Island Princess

The Island Princess Panama Canal Christmas cruise will be leaving from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • 2014 (Dec 18) 11day Western Caribbean round-trip to Grand Cayman (20), Puerto Limon (22), Panama Canal and Colon (23), Cartagena (24) and Aruba (26)- from $2000.
  • 2014 (Dec 29) 11day the round-trip to Bahams (Princess Cays, 30), Puerto Limon (Jan2), Panama Canal/Colon (Jan3), Cartagena (Jan4), Aruba (Jan6) – $2000.

Ocean Princess

The Ocean Princess ship offers Southern Caribbean Christmas deals from Ft Lauderdale (visiting Barbados)

  • 2014 (Dec 19) 14day Southern Caribbean from Ft Lauderdale to St Thomas (22), St Barthelemy (23), St Kitts (24), Trinidad & Tobago (26), Barbados (27), Martinique (Fort de France, Dec28), Antigua (29) and BVI (Virgin Gorda, Dec30) - from $2500.

Pacific Princess

The Pacific Princess Tahiti Christmas cruise will be visiting the best of the French Polynesia islands

  • 2014 (Dec 18) 10day leaving from Papeete, Tahiti, to Huahine (20), Rangiroa (22), Raiatea (24), Bora Bora (Dec 25), Moorea (27) - prices start from $2100.
  • 2014 (Dec 28) 10day departing from Papeete, to Moorea (29), Huahine (30), Nuku Hiva (Jan2), Rangiroa (jan4), Raiatea (Jan5) and Bora Bora (Jan6) – $2100.

Regal Princess

The new Regal Princess ship’s first Christmas offer is for Eastern Caribbean – leaving from Florida

  • 2014 (Dec 21) 7day Fort Lauderdale to Princess Cays (22), St Thomas (24), St Maarten (Philipsburg, Dec 25) – prices start from $1100.
  • 2014 (Dec 28) 7day  to Princess Cays (29), St Thomas (in Charlotte Amalie on Dec 31), and St Maarten (Jan1) – from $1200.

Royal Princess

The new Royal Princess ship’s second Christmas will be also leaving from Florida to the Eastern Caribbean (Fort Lauderdale round-trip itinerary, visiting Barbados), with B2B travel booking options

  • 2014 (Dec 19) 10day to Princess Cays (20), St Thomas (22), Dominica (Roseau, 23), Grenada (St Georges, 24) and Aruba (26)- from $1650.
  • 2014 (Dec 19) 20day back to back – plus Ft Lauderdale, Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados, St Kitts, St Thomas and Princess Cays- from $3200.
  • 2014 (Dec 29) 10day to Antigua (jan1), St Lucia (Jan2), Barbados (Jan3), St Kitts (Jan4), St Thomas (Jan5), Princess Cays (Jan7) – from $3200.
  • 2014 (Dec 29) 20day back to back, the above itinerary plus Ft Lauderdale (Jan8), Princess Cays, St Thomas, Dominica, Grenada, Bonaire and , Aruba – from $2700.

Ruby Princess

Ruby Princess sails to Eastern Caribbean on a special Bahamas Christmas leaving from Florida, with an optional B2B travel offers that includes visiting the Western Caribbean

  • 2014 (Dec 20) 7day to Princess Cays (21), St Maarten (23), St Thomas (24), Nassau (26) - $1000.
  • 2014 (Dec 20) 14day back to back, the above route plus Ft Lauderdale (27), Grand Cayman, Roatan, Cozumel, Princess Cays - $2000.
  • 2014 (Dec 27) 7day to Grand Cayman (George Town, 29), Roatan (30), Mexico (Cozumel, Dec 31) and Princess Cays (Jan2)) – from $1100.
  • 2014 (Dec 27) 14day back to back, the above itinerary plus Ft Lauderdale (Jan3), Princess Cays, , St Maarten, St Thomas, Grand Turk – $1700.

Sapphire Princess

One of the Princess Cruises Asia ships, the Sapphire Princess Christmas and exotic New Year will be leaving from Singapore (round-trip), with a B2B travel option for also visiting Indonesia along with Thailand and Malaysia

  • 2014 (Dec 18) 11day Singapore to Brunei (Bandar Seri Begawan, 20), Vietnam (Nha Trang, 22 Ho Chi Minh City, 23), Cambodia (Sihanoukville, Dec 25) and Thailand (Bangkok, 26 Ko Samui, 27) - luxury prices from only $1700.
  • 2014 (Dec 18) 21day back to back, combined with Indonesia (Bali), Malaysia (Klang, Penang) and Thailand (Phuket)- from $3150.
  • 2014 (Dec 29) 10day Singapore to Indonesia (Bali, jan1), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Jan4), Penang, Jan5) and Thailand (Phuket, Jan6) – $1550.
  • 2014 (Dec 29) 15day back to back – the above route plus Singapore (jan8) to Thailand visiting Bangkok (Jan10) and Ko Samui (Jan11) – from $2050.

Sea Princess

Sailing to the South Pacific islands, the Sea Princess Australia Christmas is from Brisbane to Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu

  • 2014 (Dec 19) 11day to Lifou (22), Luganville (23), Port Denarau (Dec 25) and Suva (26)- from $1800.
  • 2014 (Dec 30) 14day AU to NZ – Brisbane to Auckland (Jan3), Tauranga (Jan4), Napier (Jan5), Wellington (Jan6), Akaroa (Jan7), Dunedin (Jan8) and the Fjordland Park (Jan9) – prices from $2200.

Star Princess

Star Princess offers an exciting Hawaii Christmas cruise leaving from San Francisco, California, also visiting Baja Mexico’s pearl – Ensenada

  • 2014 (Dec 19) 15day San Francisco to Ensenada (21), Hilo (26), Honolulu (27), Nawiliwili (28), Lahaina (29), back in SF on Jan3 – prices from $2000.
  • 2014 (leaving from San Francisco on Dec 19) 15day to Ensenada Mexico (21) and Hawaii – visiting  Hilo (26), Honolulu (27), Nawiliwili (28), Lahaina (29), arriving in San Francisco Jan3 – $2000.

Sun Princess

Sun Princess Christmas and New Year cruise offers are from Australia to New Zealand (both with round-trip itinerary)

  • 2014 (Dec 16) 13day – round-trip from Sydney to New Zealand – Fiordland Park 919), Dunedin (20), Akaroa (21), Wellington (22), Napier (23), Tauranga, (24), Auckland (Dec 25), Bay of Islands (26), in Sydney on Dec29 – prices from $2100.
  • 2014 (Dec 29) 13day same AU to NZ itinerary - visiting Fjordland (Jan1), Dunedin (2), Akaroa (3), Wellington (4), Napier (5), Tauranga (6), Auckland (Jan7) and Bay of Islands (Jan8), back to Sydney on Jan11 – prices start from $2200.

We wish you a very merry Princess Christmas, and best of fun on your “escape completely” New Years Eve cruises on the most famous princesses of the seas!

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