Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Christmas and New Year cruise deals are a must for all “very big ship cruise” addicts. This line is the absolute “mega ship” travel choice for inexpensive (and I’m not saying cheap) December Holiday vacations. Choose one of the RCI’s ships only if you are super excited by the overwhelming desire to enjoy a super fun sea vacation at (probably) reasonable prices.

Our Royal Caribbean Xmas and New Year prices are only suggestive, in US dollars. They are showing the line’s lowest rates on cheapest Interior category cabins. Royal Caribbean ships are ordered alphabetically. All RCCL Holiday offers listed below include only itinerary information, and are not deals for sale. December and January dates of arrival in ports of call are placed in brackets. This is the link to the line’s official website.

Royal Caribbean Christmas Cruises

Royal Caribbean Christmas cruises deals
The Royal Caribbean’s  best features are the world’s biggest cruise ships ever, top sea travel destinations, signature uniqueness and daring prices – for a very merry Royal Fun Santa Claus ship cruise vacation.

The list of exotic Royal Caribbean Xmas destinations includes Asia (from Singapore and China), Australia (Sydney to NZ and the South Pacific Islands), South America (from Brazil) and Europe (Mediterranean itineraries with UK departures).

Just like with the rest of all big cruise ship lines, the majority of Royal Caribbean cruises for Christmas are round-trip sailings to Caribbean, with departures from Florida (Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Port Canaveral). Royal Caribbean Caribbean cruise ships also depart from New York (New Jersey), Baltimore, Galveston, New Orleans, plus the unique round-trip departures from Puerto Rico (San Juan) and Panama (Colon).

Royal Caribbean New Years Eve Cruises

Royal Caribbean New Years Eve cruises deals
The Royal Caribbean cruise ships New Year specials feature unique onboard activities and signature activities offered by no other line. The special cuisine and one-time-in-the-year-only entertainment menu on the ship is another reason to spend the year’s merriest time at sea. As to the prices on RCCL cruise package deals on Holidays -“Saving Money on Holidays Keeps Me Royally Happy” is not suitable for a RCI motto. Their ticket prices are not cheap, and often perfectly match the size of their ships.

Following the most common pattern for big lines Holiday itineraries, the majority of Royal Caribbean cruises for New Years are round-trips departing from Florida ports (Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Port Canaveral). Another set of highly popular deals includes the round-trips to Caribbean leaving from New York (NYC and Bayonne NJ), Baltimore, Galveston and New Orleans, along with the line’s deals from Puerto Rico and Panama. The list of the Royal Caribbean New Year cruise destinations also includes Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and South America (Brazil departures).

Royal Caribbean Cruise Christmas 2017-2018 New Years Eve

Adventure Of The Seas

First in the very long list of RCCL Holiday offers are the Adventure Of The Seas San Juan, Puerto Rico cruises to the Southern Caribbean

  • 2017 (Dec 23) 7day San Juan to St Thomas (24), Basseterre (Dec 25), Willemstad (27), Oranjestad (28), in San Juan on Dec 30 – prices from $990.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 7day San Juan to Philipsburg (Dec 31), Basseterre (Jan 01), St Johns (02), Castries (03), Bridgetown (04), in San Juan on Jan 06 – $1120.

Allure Of The Seas

The world’s biggest passenger ship Allure Of The Seas cruises to Eastern Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale. The Allure ship’s capacity gives you the hugely big chance to be one of its 5,400 passengers.

  • 2017 (Dec 24) 7day Fort Lauderdale to Nassau (Dec 25), St Thomas (27), Basseterre (28), in Fort Lauderdale on Dec 31 – $1780.
  • 2017 (Dec 31) 7day Fort Lauderdale to Labadee (Jan 02), Falmouth (03), Cozumel (05), in Fort Lauderdale on Jan 07 – prices from $1620.

Anthem Of The Seas

The Royal Caribbean newest ship Anthem Of The Seas cruises from New York (round-trip out of Bayonne NJ) during its Inaugural Caribbean season.

  • 2017 (Dec 22) 8day New York City to Port Canaveral (Dec 25), Coco Cay (26), Nassau (27), in New York City on Dec 30 – $1480.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 8day New York City to Port Canaveral (Jan 02), Nassau (03), Coco Cay (04), in New York City on Jan 07 – prices from $1360.

Brilliance Of The Seas

Brilliance Of The Seas Western Caribbean specials are with Tampa FL departures

  • 2017 (Dec 23) 5day Tampa to George Town (Dec 25), Cozumel (26), in Tampa on Dec 28 – $840.
  • 2017 (Dec 28) 5day Tampa (28), Key West (29), Cozumel (Dec 31), in Tampa on Jan 02  – from $950.

Empress Of The Seas

Empress Of The Seas was sailing as one of Pullmantur Cruises vessels, Pullmantur Empress (2008-2016)

Enchantment Of The Seas

The Enchantment Of The Seas Bahamas offers are from Florida (leaving out of Miami)

  • 2017 (Dec 22) 4day Miami to Key West (23), Nassau (24), Coco Cay (Dec 25), in Miami on Dec 26 – prices from $670.
  • 2017 (Dec 29) 4day Miami to Key West (30), Nassau (Dec 31), Coco Cay (Jan 01), in Miami on Jan 02 – prices from $780.

Explorer Of The Seas

The new RCCL Australia ship Explorer Of The Seas cruises for Christmas-New Years out of Sydney, with round-trip itinerary to New Zealand and New Caledonia

  • 2017 (Dec 24) 11day Sydney to Noumea (27), Lifou (28), Suva (30), Lautoka (Dec 31), in Sydney on Jan 04 – $1380.

Freedom Of The Seas

In the top 10 largest cruise ships list – Freedom Of The Seas Bahamas, Mexico and Eastern Caribbean cruises visit Jamaica, Haiti and Mexico departing from Fort Lauderdale

  • 2017 (Dec 23) 8day Fort Lauderdale to Basseterre (26), Philipsburg (27), San Juan (28), Labadee (29), in Fort Lauderdale on Dec 31 – $1490.
  • 2017 (Dec 31) 6day Fort Lauderdale to George Town (Jan 02), Costa Maya (03), Cozumel (04), in Fort Lauderdale on Jan 06 – prices from $1150.

Grandeur Of The Seas

Grandeur Of The Seas will be leaving from Baltimore to Caribbean and Florida-Bahamas with Jamaica, Mexico and Haiti

  • 2017 (Dec 21) 12day Baltimore to St Thomas (Dec 25), St Johns (26), Fort de France (27), Basseterre (28), Philipsburg (29), in Baltimore on Jan 02 – prices from $1220.

Harmony Of The Seas

Harmony Of The Seas will be sailing out of Fort Lauderdale

  • 2017 (Dec 23) 7day Fort Lauderdale to Labadee (Dec 25), Falmouth (26), Cozumel, Mexico (28) – from $1890.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 7day Fort Lauderdale to Philipsburg (Jan 02), San Juan (03), Labadee (04), in Fort Lauderdale on Jan 06 – from $1740.

Independence Of The Seas

Also in the list of “the world’s largest” – Independence Of The Seas Eastern Caribbean specials are with Puerto Rico and Jamaica, leaving out of Fort Lauderdale FL

  • 2017 (Dec 21) 9day Fort Lauderdale to Labadee (23), San Juan (24), Philipsburg (Dec 25), St Johns (26), Basseterre (27), in Fort Lauderdale on Dec 30 – $1370.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 5day Fort Lauderdale to Costa Maya (Jan 01), Cozumel (02), in Fort Lauderdale on Jan 04 – from $860.

Jewel Of The Seas

Jewel Of The Seas Holiday offers are for the Southern Caribbean leaving from San Juan Puerto Rico

  • 2017 (Dec 24) 7day San Juan to St Croix (Dec 25), Philipsburg (26), Roseau (27), Bridgetown (28), St Georges (29), in San Juan on Dec 31 – $860.
  • 2017 (Dec 31) 7day San Juan to St Thomas (Jan 01), Basseterre (02), St Johns (03), Castries (04), Bridgetown (05), in San Juan on Jan 07 – $1010.

Legend Of The Seas

The next RCI Australia cruise ship Legend Of The Seas will be visiting New Caledonia and Fiji on a round-trip from Brisbane

Liberty Of The Seas

From the “largest ships” list again – Liberty Of The Seas will be leaving for Xmas out of Galveston to Mexico and Jamaica

  • 2017 (Dec 24) 7day Galveston to Cozumel (26), George Town (27), Falmouth (28), in Galveston on Dec 31 – $1210.
  • 2017 (Dec 31) 7day Galveston to Cozumel (Jan 02), Roatan (03), Costa Maya (04) – from $1050.

Majesty Of The Seas

The Majesty Of The Seas Bahamas cruises are out of Port Canaveral FL

  • 2017 (Dec 22) 4day Port Canaveral to Nassau (23), Coco Cay (24), in Port Canaveral on Dec 26 – from $650.
  • 2017 (Dec 29) 4day Port Canaveral to Nassau (30), Coco Cay (Dec 31), in Port Canaveral on Jan 02 – prices from $650.

Mariner Of The Seas

From the Royal Caribbean Asia ships list – Mariner Of The Seas cruises in Southeast Asia leaving from Singapore

  • 2017 (Dec 23) 5day Singapore to Klang (Kuala Lumpur, 24), Penang (Dec 25), Phuket (26) – $790.
  • 2017 (Dec 28) 5day Singapore to Klang (Kuala Lumpur, 29), Penang (30), Phuket (Dec 31), in Singapore on Jan 02 – prices from $850.

Navigator Of The Seas

The Navigator Of The Seas Fort Lauderdale and Miami offers are for visiting Jamaica, Mexico, Haiti

  • 2017 (Dec 22) 9day Miami to Labadee (24), Willemstad (26), Kralendijk (27), Oranjestad (28), in Miami on Dec 31 – $1340.
  • 2017 (Dec 31) 5day Miami to Costa Maya (Jan 02), Cozumel (03), in Miami on Jan 05 – prices from $850.

Oasis Of The Seas

The second largest cruise ship ever – Oasis Of The Seas will be leaving from Port Canaveral to Western Caribbean (with Jamaica) and the Eastern Caribbean (with Bahamas). The Oasis ship’s capacity is 5,400 passengers and 2,400 crew members.

  • 2017 (Dec 24) 7day Port Canaveral to Labadee (26), Falmouth (27), Cozumel (29), in Port Canaveral on Dec 31 – from $1430.
  • 2017 (Dec 31) 7day Port Canaveral to Philipsburg (Jan 03), San Juan (04), Labadee (05), in Port Canaveral on Jan 07 – $1350.

Ovation Of The Seas

Ovation Of The Seas sails on New Zealand round-trip holiday cruises from Sydney, Australia

  • 2017 (Dec 17) 12day Sydney to Bay of Islands (20), Auckland (21), Tauranga (22), Dunedin (Dec 25), Fjordland National Park (26), in Sydney on Dec 29 – prices from $1480.
  • 2017 (Dec 29) 12day Sydney to Bay of Islands (Jan 01), Auckland (02), Tauranga (03), Dunedin (06), Fjordland National Park (07), in Sydney on Jan 10 – from $1790.

Quantum Of The Seas

The newest Royal Caribbean Asia cruise ship Quantum Of The Seas offers for Christmas and New Year departures from China – Hong Kong and Shanghai

Radiance Of The Seas

The Radiance Of The Seas in Australia and New Zealand offers departures from Sydney/Auckland (South Pacific Islands hopper itinerary)

  • 2017 (Dec 22) 12day Sydney to Fjordland National Park (Dec 25), Dunedin (26), Akaroa (27), Auckland (29), Tauranga (30), Bay of Islands (Dec 31), in Sydney on Jan 03 – $1590.

Rhapsody Of The Seas

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship Rhapsody Of The Seas will be sailing on round-trips leaving from Tampa, Florida

  • 2017 (Dec 24) 7day Tampa to George Town (26), Cozumel (27), Belize City (28), Costa Maya (29), in Tampa on Dec 31 – prices from $1070.
  • 2017 (Dec 31) 7day Tampa to George Town (Jan 02), Cozumel (03), Belize City (04), Costa Maya (05), in Tampa on Dec 31 – prices from $860.

Serenade Of The Seas

Serenade Of The Seas Bahamas and Eastern Caribbean Xmas specials are from Florida (Fort Lauderdale departures) to Haiti, BVI and Dominica

  • 2017 (Dec 22) 11day Fort Lauderdale to Ponce (Dec 25), Basseterre (26), Castries (27), Bridgetown (28), St Georges (29), St Johns (30), in Fort Lauderdale on Jan 02 – $1740.

Splendour Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean Dubai cruise Xmas offers are on the RCI Splendour Of The Seas – round-trip departures from the UAE visiting Oman

Vision Of The Seas

The Vision Of The Seas deals are in Asia from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Galveston TX to Western Caribbean in 2017

  • 2017 (Dec 23) 6day Galveston to Costa Maya (Dec 25), Cozumel (26), Progreso (27), in Galveston on Dec 29 – from $1000.
  • 2017 (Dec 29) 5day Galveston to Cozumel (Dec 31), Progreso (Jan 01), in Galveston on Jan 03 – prices from $800.

Voyager Of The Seas

And the very last by name in the Royal Caribbean fleet – Voyager Of The Seas Australia cruises are out of Sydney to visit New Caledonia on round-trip routes

  • 2017 (Dec 20) 10day Sydney to Noumea (23), Mystery Island (Dec 25), Lifou (26), Mare (27), in Sydney on Dec 30 – $1520.
  • 2017 (Dec 30) 14day Sydney to Mystery Island (Jan 03), Vila (04), Suva (06), Lautoka (07), Noumea (10), in Sydney on Jan 13 – prices from $1930.

We wish you a very merry Royal Caribbean Xmas, and amazingly unforgettable New Years Eve party experiences at sea! No matter which “Of The Seas” ship you choose for your RCCL cruises, you will set sail on a royally big sea adventure like no other!